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Township vs Standalone Building In Pune: Which Is Better?

Pune is the next real estate paradise in Maharashtra after Mumbai. Being a tier 1 city in India, Pune brings you an exciting opportunity to be a part of the dynamic real estate sector. Thanks to its brilliant infrastructure, well-planned road connectivity, the smart city model and a booming economy, Pune is among the topmost real estate destinations in India.

The city has embraced a variety of real estate options. From high-rise apartments to luxury villas and a sprawling township to standalone buildings, Pune has everything an investor is searching for.

Several developers in Pune are now offering a wide range of gated communities, standalone towers, and standalone buildings. Every project brings a set of advantages and disadvantages, depending on the perspectives of developers, buyers, and investors. These properties are complete in every way:

  • They are designed with modern architectural standards.

  • They are fully equipped with best-in-class amenities.

  • They are catering to the trendy needs of the residents.

What was once easily accessible to wealthy High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) is now available to the mid-income section too.

Also, Pune has a high availability of land parcels in the outskirts, where developers have embraced the township model and are creating small localities. These small towns or localities include standalone buildings in Pune that meet the growing housing demand.

Numerous township projects in Pune are opening the brightest investment avenues in the region. Buyers are now expressing interest in top-notch residential properties, which are facilitated with quality infrastructure, seamless connectivity, and high-valued returns.

The uplifted living standards of the residents have directly pushed the need for state-of-the-art housing projects. This is something by far the best thing to consider if you’re sticking to your decision to invest in Pune properties.

Benefits of a Township vs a Standalone Building

Top Amenities

A township is a well-planned real estate property. It has a well-connected network of roads, efficient infrastructure, access to basic amenities, and linkage to important facilities, such as schools, colleges, medical institutions, etc. Townships are more of a small city in a well-defined area.

Buyers prefer having easy access to the best level of infrastructure and close proximity to their offices. Investors prefer investing in properties which are established under a robust plan.

Keeping a view of the latest real estate trends in mind, developers introduce a wide range of top amenities in their projects. Several townships offer luxury 2 BHK flats in Pune, which are becoming a pull factor in the local real estate market. 

Larger townships have shopping markets, schools, colleges, clean water supply, grocery shops, and round-the-clock power supply, among others. Even several townships are now providing clubs, party halls, gaming facilities, and recreational areas.

All these facilities will make you feel proud of the locality you’re living in.

Quality Lifestyle

One of the main advantages of living in a township is the highest quality of life they offer. These townships are clean and well-maintained, with spacious and sufficient apartments. Townships usually provide everything you need within the premises. You don’t need to cross the township for petty work.


Townships are safe and secured real estate properties. They offer a free and secure lifestyle because of the security and safety measures taken up by the township’s administration. The recruitment of security guards brings a sense of safety and protection. Their regular checks on the visitors ensure that no intruder gets illegal access to the areas.

The CCTVs, 24*7 monitoring, and security guards make the area safe to live in, reducing the chances of theft and robbery. It is also made sure that every individual feels protected with the premises.

Top Locations To Invest In Pune

  • Wakad: Wakad has transformed itself from a rural neighbourhood to a busy urban area, attracting potential investors. It has significantly increased the demand for residential properties in the region.

  • Hinjewadi: It is the IT core of Pune and home to a rising number of IT professionals. Thus becoming a favourable enclave for residential investing. The location is close to some well-known tech companies that are generating consistent demand for housing.

  • Balewadi: With an impressive cultural legacy and state-of-the-art facilities, such as the Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Balewadi has become a powerhouse for investors seeking a balance between heritage and modernity.

  • Baner: It is situated at a strategic location and in between the commercial hotspots. Baner has become a highly demanded residential paradise laced with an upscale lifestyle.

  • Bavdhan: Bavdhan is one of the top localities in Pune, with Kothrud towards its east, Lavale in the west, Shiv Nagar in the north, and Shivane in the south. It is a paradise for investors as top housing projects, such as Behede Silver Brooke and Puraniks Abitante Fiore Pune, are making footprints in the region.

To sum up, The popularity of Indian townships, frequently referred to as a city inside a city or suburban districts of large cities, is on the rise, with increasing demand. Additionally, standalone buildings in Pune continue to be popular, responding to purchasers’ individual preferences and needs.

The benefits of investing in Pune’s real estate turn out to be fascinating for potential investors who want steady returns and capital appreciation. Pune is a leading light in the real estate constellation of India thanks to its excellent economic foundations and lucrative investment background. Now is the time to leverage the potential of Pune’s real estate opportunities and build your wealth amidst urbanisation.


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