Superior Performance: Introducing the CAT 2021D Wheeled Loader

Find out how the JCB 3DX Plus Backhoe Loader ensures massive work output with its industry-leading features. Get detailed insights now.

The infra industry is an ever-growing one. A domain that consistently transforms, thanks to the advent of new technologies. To exemplify, the new-age backhoe loaders & wheeled loaders are engineered to exponentially upscale work output.

Firstly, backhoe loaders are multi-functional equipment that can carry out tasks like digging, loading/unloading, and lifting. Moreover, it can facilitate landscaping as well.

On the other hand, wheeled loaders widely facilitate lifting tasks. For example, it can lift bulky materials like debris, dirt, soil, brick pallets, etc.

JCB 3DX Plus Backhoe Loader

This model from JCB is one of the best-selling backhoe loaders. Let’s walk you through its industry-leading features which ensure high productivity. For instance, with 7510 kg of operating weight, the equipment ensures massive work output. This JCB backhoe loader can also lift heavy materials weighing up to 1490 kg. This massive lifting capacity subsequently gives higher productivity.

Besides, the 26 Ltr of hydraulic oil capacity prevents the chance of friction between the moving parts. Furthermore, the 1cum bucket capacity ensures hassle-free load carriage of bulky materials. Moreover, the machine is available at a price ranging between Rs.30-32 Lakh.

CAT 2021D Wheeled Loader

This is yet another heavy-duty equipment model engineered to deliver superior performance. To begin with its features, the machine comes with 3 cubic meters of bucket capacity. This functionality aids in loading bulky materials with much ease in one go.

Moreover, this CAT loader can churn out up to 133 HP with a powerful engine. This functionality specifically aids in massive output generation. Further descent is the equipment’s ground clearance capacity of 3454 mm. As a result, this provides great stability to the machine when operating in adverse work conditions. Furthermore, the price range of this model starts from ₹ 29 Lakh and goes up to 31 Lakh. Want to get a detailed review of both these heavy-duty equipment models? InfraJunction is a one-stop-platform that caters to all your queries concerning heavy-duty equipment in India.

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