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Wooden Kitchen Island: Things You Need to Know

A wood kitchen island is a practical and aesthetic solution that also blends all styles.

Central workspaces allow for more space in the kitchen, so more kitchens are integrating islands and other similar solutions. A wood kitchen island is a practical and aesthetic solution that also blends all styles.

What is an Island kitchen?

It is important to understand what a Kitchen Island is before examining the available options. The islands are central workspaces that integrate the stove, sink, oven, and storage space into a single installation.

This furniture set is a central space for organizing, allowing the perimeter to be freed up. The current islands can be designed to fit the kitchen’s space and needs.

Wooden kitchen islands

According to Richmond Hill renovation experts, wood is a popular material for kitchen islands. Hardwoods such as cherry, oak, walnut, and olive are suitable for kitchen work surfaces.

The new treatments, in addition to increasing the resistance of woods that were previously used, also prevent the surface from getting scratched.

A wide range of colors and tones are available today, which is why so many people choose wooden surfaces on their islands.

The wooden kitchen island serves two purposes: it can be used as a decorative element in the kitchen, but it also provides a durable and resistant work surface. The choice of material and the subsequent installation are both important factors in achieving a perfect result.

Installing wooden islands into a reform

It is important to plan the fundamental aspects of this project before you begin. Begin by measuring the available space.

You will need to have a central area that can accommodate the entire furniture piece and still allow you enough room around it for passage.

Once we’ve determined the location of the kitchen island, it’s time to consider the amenities. A kitchen island includes an oven, ceramic hob, extractor hood, and sink. Therefore, we will need multiple outlets.

Use the right products

All the equipment must be in good working order and be prepared to supply the kitchen with the necessary supplies. The kitchen may require other amenities, like plugs or other outlets.

In the case of islands, wood will be used extensively as part of the counter. Some products can increase the resistance of wood, which is already quite hard. By using the right products to care for these materials, we can extend their life.

It is possible to replace any damaged wood, whether it was caused by use or the installation process.

Height is important

It is also important to consider the storage space on a kitchen island made of wood. The drawers in the kitchen are where we will keep all the things we need close at hand.

They must therefore be large and comfortable. To avoid any unnecessary movement when cooking, it’s important to place drawers on the island closest to you.

Installing a wooden kitchen island

It is important to only trust companies that are specialized if you plan on renovating your kitchen, and you want to add a wooden island.

Only specialized companies can ensure the proper installation of the wood in both the bar area and the countertop.

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