What Are Two-Piece Rigid Boxes And Their Benefits

Two-piece rigid boxes are the smartest choice to send your products in safe and branded packaging with a luxurious touch.

Two piece Rigid Boxes are secure packaging solutions consisting of a tray and a lid. Both parts have double layers of rigid material that make them high-barrier, tear-resistant, and durable. The main purpose of two-piece boxes is to provide the perfect display of your products in a high-end and stylish manner. Secondly, these boxes have versatility for plentiful customization options, varying designs, alluring styles, and enormous printing techniques. You can use these boxes to pack high-end products like jewelry, cosmetics, gift boxes, luxury products, smartphones, and electrical parts. These boxes provide countless add-on probabilities, innovative printing with non-toxic inks, and alluring finish options to give charismatic packaging like a gift.

With two-piece rigid packaging boxes, you have full freedom to choose different materials which allows for a plethora of trendy designs and finishing ensuring your products stand out on the shelves. You can impress buyers due to the rigidity of these boxes. These boxes give a guarantee to keep the original color, aroma, and quality. They protect your high-end products from heat, cold, moisture, sunlight, and environmental pollution. Due to the safe transfer of your valuable products in an attractive outlook, two-piece rigid packaging boxes are also termed Setup Boxes.

Let’s explore more about different types of these boxes along with the benefits to skyrocket your brand identity.

Numerous Styles Of Two-Piece Rigid Boxes

One of the most important attributes of two-piece rigid packaging is to provide you the freedom to choose your favorite styles according to your brand interest. There is a multitude of styles of rigid boxes with appealing and pleasing designs that are enough to enchant buyers’ eyes at their first sight. You can make a unique appearance to your products by choosing different styles that become the identity of your brand in the future. In this way, you can set your brand apart from the dust of competition by leaving the rest behind. Some of the styles are here that not only upscale your brand fame but also please your customers with modern styles;

  • Standard tow-piece boxes.

  • Two-Piece Lid and Base Boxes.

  • Full Telescope Lid Boxes.

  • Sleeve Style Boxes.

Preservation Of High-End Products

As their name represents they are high-strength boxes. These boxes assure 100% safety during storage, handling, and long-distance transport to buyers’ doorsteps. A robust stock of Rigid, Kraft, Cardboard, and Corrugated with high-barrier ability is used to make sturdy packaging. These boxes protect your valuable products from jerks and bums and save them from breakage. Custom rigid boxes are famous for protecting the products for a long time and protecting the scattering of precious products during shipment. 

These rigid boxes maintain original quality, colors, and fragrance and maintain the intact structure and grace of valued products. You can get a scratch-free appearance of your products due to such sturdy boxes. Hence, Gleaming rays emerging from the shiny surface of products enchant buyers’ eyes and spread a wow factor on their lips during unboxing. So, these boxes provide a spell-binding unboxing experience that induces other people to buy your brand’s products.

100% Eco-Friendly Packaging Entice Affection of Love For Your Brand

According to modern research, we dump 8 million tons of packaging plastic in the ocean every year. People are worried about the ever-changing climate of the earth due to increasing pollution and their drastic impacts on living things. So, they prefer the best packaging option that can not pollute our environment. You can use eco-friendly materials like rigid, kraft, cardboard, and corrugated to make two-piece rigid boxes. These boxes produce zero pollution in the biodegradation process. These are 100% recyclable and reusable which is the best option for making a pollution-free environment. When you pack your high-end products in such packaging a rush of buyers will overrun to buy your brand products in a factor of seconds. With such alluring packaging, your brand fame will talk of the town.

Myriad Customization Options to Upscale Your Brand’s Fame

Elevate your brand fame by adding trendy add-ons that give a magnificent and marvelous look to your premium two-piece boxes. If you want to provide a 3D visual display of your high-end products without opening. Then add cut-outs and die-cut windows. You can add inserts into the boxes. It will provides a snug fit to your products and hold them in the right place. Inner compartments in the packaging hold the valued products in their place and prevent unnecessary movement and scratches on the twinkling surface of products.

You can add ribbons with contrasting colors, interior printing provides a hypnotizing appearance that catches buyers’ attention at first sight. Thumb-cuts on custom rigid packaging are helpful in the convenient removal of products during unboxing.

These boxes have unlimited customization options for many printing techniques. A printing box with an alluring design attains more eyeballs than a blank box. Printing provides the complete appearance of boxes that give a unique identity to your brand products and attract more buyers in split seconds. Generally, it is observed that printing pictorial theme attract more masse than text demonstration. You can print logos with hot-foil stamping with emboss styles that give a 3D appearance. Specific color combinations with flexographic printing provide exemplary packaging that acts as a brand ambassador to crawl into people’s minds.

 If you want to add more glamor then striking finishing is applied. Gloss/matte provides a vivid appearance and protects your packaging from tearing and dampness. Aqueous lamination protects your boxes from scratches.

There are so many add-ons that will make your 2 piece boxes a real gift. They also make boxes like walking billboards to advertise your brand.


Two-piece rigid boxes are the smartest choice to send your products in safe and branded packaging with a luxurious touch. These boxes are inexpensive and will provide you peace of mind due to their light weight and portability. I will recommend you, get charismatic 2-piece boxes wholesale from Custom Design Boxes at the lowest cost in fast free shipping. They will offer you free design assistance to make your brand a star of buyer’s eyes.

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