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How to optimize your boutique store interior design in 2023

Boutique stores are the footprint of a brand, the very first impression. They are not just some inactive and passive spaces but a living and breathing essence, identity, and story of a brand that’s been narrated through the interior of the botique store.

As soon as people step in, they experience a story that’s being told, and every element of the interior design is a word that speaks louder than any action would. This makes it important for the brands to have an interior that can speak for themselves.

But before you get all excited and decide to design your boutique store, you must know how to optimize it. Because knowing how to optimize your store space efficiently is the first step toward this process.

Have a Niche persona

A world where people are more inclined towards rawness, authenticity, and unfiltered moments, their expectations stand similar to the brands. Creating a niche brand persona while deciding on the interior of a store has become a popular approach.

It is important to create a consumer persona as every person has divergent preferences, and all of us are different in our own way. By having a user persona to look up to, a brand would be able to acknowledge their likes and dislikes, which can later be elegantly incorporated into the interior designs through the color palette, furniture, and texture of the walls. They would also be able to recognize if their target audience would prefer minimalist elegance or vintage luxury.

This technique would help prospective customers realize that everything in the store has been designed to please them, whether it’s the elegant interior or the luxurious composition of the elements. These small details will make them feel valued and seen as a customer.

The intention of this system is not only to attract prospective customers but also to make them feel good and capture the brand essence in a unique way that may also be able to cater to the needs of the consumers. As the data is collected through the surveys which is later on turned into the insights and create a human like persona. It also makes the customer feel familiar and comfortable with their surroundings as all of the store’s decisions are made while keeping them in mind.

Even apps like tik tok and Instagram have their user personas. Don’t get left behind and create a niche persona of your users to give them a taste of a sophisticated and luxurious boutique store.

Art as a part of interior design

Art has always been a part of every culture, whether it was the Roman empire or Greek empire, the sophisticated art designs of those times have inspired great artists and have become a part of the history. That’s why with the ever-evolving interior designing techniques, art is returning to the stage as a central character.

Art and boutique store interior design are now interrelated. As the upcoming brands and companies focus on the artistic side of interior designing to appeal to their customers, interior design companies also move towards tailor-made artistic elements to add to their designs.

A case study of how the Cheetos brand turned their abstract art to look like Cheetos sticks to sophisticated art would help you understand it better. When people started posting the similarity of their product with other objects, they decided to launch a Cheetos museum. The people were even able to send in their shapes to win the prizes, and around 23m views were generated on all social media and their physical outlets.

Another example is when Baskin-Robbins partnered with Sambypen, a South Korean artist to launch a store where the store was full of his signature aesthetic designs. The store was selling both the artist’s products and the ice cream.

This trail is being followed by many other brands to provide that luxurious yet quirky and custom-made feel to their stores. And even retail stores are trying to adopt this artistic wave in their interior designs.

Make/Making sustainability a part of the plan

Social sentiments among the people have sparked a new wave of social responsibilities for the brands. Because of the increasingly uncertain climate and rising heat, people have become wary of all the sustainability promises that are made by the companies in their campaigns. They, the people, now need transparency to see the brands’ accountability about the promises they make.

Therefore, wrapping up sustainability with the graceful aesthetic of the interior would be a good choice.

There are many ways to adopt sustainability, like using jute as a part of the interior is an eco-friendly alternative. Using DIY products, as these products are handmade, will give the consumers a cozy touch along with the elegance of a boutique store. And these products are even cost-efficient, giving the brand an added advantage of cost-cutting.

Brands like IKEA in Sweden have decided to dedicate a whole section on its website that will address the brand’s consumption that is unsustainable and their plans to combat climate change.

Using reused or recycled materials is also a good option. During the Milan Design Week 2023HONOKA, a Japan based studio by mixing neglected tatami material with biodegradable resin created a tatami resin. Another example is of solar blinds that filter the sunlight through the cutouts made on the blinds which was both gracefully aesthetic and eco-friendly, and it would also let the people adjust with the light coming in the studio. This was presented by the studio Samira Boon.

By blending these kinds of materials in the interior design of the boutique will not only tell the customers upfront about the brand’s sincerity regarding making the earth a better place. But it will also give a custom made brand essence to the whole space and will become the brand’s unique selling point along with increasing its goodwill.

Plus, to be presented more as humans and perform the duty of tenants by adopting sustainability would be a good humanitarian move on any brand’s boutique store.

Implementing a joyful mindset / Implementing the mindset of joy 

Joy, happiness, and warmth are emotions that every human craves. Especially after the pandemic people are seeking joy and warmth when they purchase goods and services. Out of 12,183 people around 88% were said to be looking for brand experiences, goods and products that would be able to bring them joy and make them smile. And, around 78% of people said that companies/ brands can do more to bring happiness to their target audience.

After acknowledging these stats, adding in the feeling of joy and warmth to the interior of a boutique store becomes an indivisible part of the plan.

For the customers to taste the exclusive products stepping in is the first step. That’s where the entrance of a store plays a crucial part which makes it important to design it in such a way that it would evoke the feeling of joy in your target consumers.

This can be done by adding some natural things like potted plants, adding some paintings, wooden elements or art work according to the likeability of the niche persona of the brand.

On a side note, it’s important to acknowledge that whom you hire is also part of the services that the store is going to provide. So, it is advisable to hire the store’s staff accordingly.

On the whole

These are some of the most important strategies that can be incorporated by the brands to optimize their store space to the fullest and attract customers who may later turn into loyal customers. Understanding and implementing these approaches would really help the brands to gain more momentum in their business. Plus, you never know when this knowledge may come in handy! But always remember it’s not all about the physical components but also about the intangible ones that can only be created through the hospitality and comfort that only the store employees can provide to the customers.

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